Well, aren’t we all the cat’s pyjamas?! I was very chuffed this afternoon to receive an email from Catwalk Queen telling me that my blog had been voted one of the top 100 fashion & lifestyle blogs. Especially chuffed when I discovered that only 20 of those blogs are fashion per se, and only ten of them are independent like mine. And how lovely to be in the company of some of the blogs that I admire hugely, namely my two fellow English fashion editor anony-bloggers DisneyRollerGirl and Mrs Fashion, and Queens Michelle & Marie of Kingdom of Style. You can see the rest of Catwalk Queen’s Top Fifty here.

I know I’ve said it before, but I am continually astonished that my blog, with its schizophrenic content, ranging from restaurant reviews to catwalk reports via dating mishaps and insider gossip, which started off as a glorified letter home from New York to my friends & family in England, has found its own constituency. I love being part of the blog community, and appreciate every email and comment I receive… keep them coming!

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Well, wouldja look at you! Congrats! Of course they have excellent taste in selecting you–I told you before you were my first link, because, hey! I’m a fan.

What I like about this blog is the true personal narrative and the feeling that you both know and LIKE the person. I’m sure this contributes to your success.

Next..a book deal? Heads up, publishers, here comes LLG!


Congratulations! An honor richly deserved 🙂


Congrats on the listing…

You can also see this blog on your mobile/cell phone. Look at http://mippin.com/app/faces/jsp/getMippin.xhtml?id=5272 to see what it will look like and then go to your phone and type…


You also put a link to the mobile version of your blog in your blog using this page..

It’s totally free. Hope you like it. Tell your friends if you do.



You deserve it. Your blog combines the best of the personal (your glam NY life and dating adventures) along with insider info on new designers and collaborations: keep up the good work!


It’s like an early Christmas prezzie isn’t it?!!
Congrats darling. Up the AnonyBloggers!


w00t, LLG! Congratulations to you, and to the entire wonderful trifecta of (to borrow the word from Mrs F) anonybloggers- you are fabulous, it’s nice to see that the world thinks so too 🙂


Congratulations, this is really fantastic, and my opinion is: your blog is so awesome and followed due to its randomness. It makes it way more interesting! 🙂

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