Liberty patent Evening bag pink

These Liberty of London evening bags are fantastic: I think a shot of colour looks fabulous against black and, even better, clashing against this season’s colourful cocktail dresses. I didn’t pick on these Liberty pieces because they match the name of my blog*, but because I admire the way that they are moving the brand into the 21st century without losing sight of their identity (Hello Jaeger).

Blowing up the iconic art nouveau Ianthe print from the Liberty archives in this way looks fresh and avoids the feeling of cutesy that haunted Liberty for so long. It’s also particularly clever to make these brilliant colourways available exclusively at Dover Street Market.

Without a doubt, DSM is London, & possibly Europe’s most exciting retail space now. Nominated for Best Retail Concept at the British Fashion Awards last week, they was robbed by Marc Jacobs (woo hoo – opening a store. Really innovative), as I have complained at length already, both on this blog & in the real, bylined world.

*(The name of my blog has nothing to do with the Liberty of London store)

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wow, they’re fantastic! It’s nice to see that such a traditional pattern can still remain so effective even when it’s given a modern twist


Oooh, the acid-green is eye-wateringly gorgeous!

Very unique – at first I didn’t like, but you’re right – with the right dress they’ll come into their own!


Oh, I LOVE that fuchsia! It probably doesn’t match this pair of fuchsia Stella Mc. shoes that I’ve been lemming, but so what?

It is nice to see Liberty taking steps to move ahead, with quiet good taste as you point out. Although I still wear my very old Liberty scarf with traditional design–as a turban.

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