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I am feeling super smug as I had actually bought all my Christmas presents by the 1st December. This is unprecedented: I am more of a desperate rush on Christmas Eve type of girl, but living 3741 miles from home means I need to be a little more efficient this year. It also helped that I had a massive deadline to meet last week, which meant I royally procrastinated and got a lot of admin done instead of writing. C’est la vie.

I have ten children & babies to buy Christmas presents for, and four of them have birthdays near Christmas too. For the adults, 75% of people are getting books because they can be ordered on-line and delivered to my sister in London, so I don’t have to schlep them across the Atlantic, but I do have some genius American presents: I’m particularly pleased with a leather baseball glove and ball for Miss P’s stepson and a whole family of Little Red Riding Hood fingerbobs for his sister from Dinosaur Hill, a teeny toy shop in the East Village. I’ve bought my godson a Tiffany piggy bank with blue spots. They aren’t expensive over here, (& I’m staying with his parents for a week). I think it’s a perfect godmother-ly present: it’ll (hopefully) teach him thrift and his mama will appreciate the Tiffany gesture.

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What a darling roster of presents, LG! So creative and unusual.

I’ve done my shopping on line, with exception a shop where I scored a bottle of scent for a pal up in York–for $14.99. It was 40 quid in the UK.

I have a kid to buy for as well, but he’s moved into battle games involving pulleys and catapults. Boys will be boys.

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