Pete Firman Hokum

January is a pretty dull month. If you happen to find yourself in London, then may I suggest that you relieve the pre-fashion week boredom by booking yourself a ticket to Hokum, master magician Pete Firman’s show at The Bloomsbury Theatre on Friday 25 January 2008.

Thank you.

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Ach, I miss London terribly, even as I sit in the middle of others’ Utopia.

I even miss the north. Indeed, at times I miss…Grimsby.

(And what is going on with property values in Rutland? I used to be just outside Oakham, and now its inflated values are rivaling those of Los Angeles. The British has fallen prey to the California commute!)


BTW, thanks for your comments on my blog–I left you a note there but then decided to come over here in case you didn’t see it.

I did notice a number of hits from London and wondered about the origin; the blog is new and I’ve very few readers. It’s a wide world out there!

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