I am so very, very disappointed with Boden. When I posted back at the beginning of November I was very enthusiastic about their offer but, because of my peripatetic lifestyle, I had missed the UK AW07 press day so hadn’t actually seen it in the flesh.

I made an order for two pairs of boots and a leather satchel on 08 November. They warned me that the riding boots had a 2 week delay & the satchel a 1 week delay, but that the other boots were in stock. On 16 Nov (8 days later – far, far too long) I received an e-mail telling me that the pair in stock had been dispatched. As of today, the 29th, still no sign of them. However a couple of days later, the riding boots arrived, out of the blue (no dispatch email). Unfortunately, their sizing is completely f**ked up, and a size UK6 was enormous.

Today, the 29th, I finally received the satchel. What an enormous letdown. Although well-made, it looks extremely cheap. The leather is floppy, which is not how it was shown on the website. The web image purports to show a more structured bag with a flat bottom – but instead it is just completely shapeless. A classic example of catalogue over-styling.

And what really, really galls me is that I now have to schlep to the post office, with two heavy, unwieldly boxes, & have to pay quite a lot of money to return both the (very, very heavy) boots and the bag for mistakes of Boden’s making. (Their sizing is inaccurate, and the photograph on the site erroneous.)

I emailed customer services the day before yesterday, querying the missing boots and still no reply. In this day and age it is ludicrous that customers cannot track & trace their orders after purchase. If Boden is to succeed in the US it seriously needs to pull its socks up and invest in both a decent inventory system, and a meticulously accurate on-line track & trace system. Frankly, their technological offer is antediluvian. They also need to post more accurate product images: the lifestyle stuff is all well & good, but is ultimately misleading.

My advice? Avoid like the plague. Enormously disappointing.

Boden satchel leather
Leather satchel as shot for catalogue.

Boden leather satchel
Leather satchel as arrived chez LLG

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That’s appalling. I’m sorry your experience was so negative.

I seem to remember getting a postage-paid label with my last order, so I never shelled out a red cent to return the pair of boots I got that were too big.

I wonder what would happen if you contacted customer service again and asked them to pay for the return shipping?

Or are you just to annoyed now to even bother?


Is the Boden US outfit run separately to the UK one? I’ve contacted UK customer services twice in recent months and both times have got a response either same day or next day. Really helpful and really nice.

Agree about their fit though – nightmare.


Appalling diff. between the bag in the catalogue and what you received, which looks like every generic, ho-hum bag at Marshalls.

This post just reinforces the trouble with catalogue shopping. And the post office!


Yes, Boden should enclose postage-paid labels for returns, like Anthropologie and J. Crew do. I’ve only bought their kids’ clothes, which were of decent quality, and there aren’t many fit issues with a 5-year old whose chest, waist and hips all measure the same.

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