North Face down full length jacket

I keep thinking about how cold it’s going to be here in February. I remember buying a down coat in London for my friend M who lives near Lake Geneva/Lac Léman & shipping it out to Switzerland for her, all the time thinking, no, no, no way would I ever wear something as style-deficient as that. Now, after barely surviving the -10F temperatures during New York Fashion Week last February, I know better. I don’t just want one, I need one. Sod style, I can always take it off once inside the tents.

Unfortunately they aren’t something you can just pick up at a moment’s notice and, after my usual meticulous on-line research I think this may be my baby. It has a 700 down fill which appears to be the down flll gold standard. It’s also made by North Face, which my mountain goat friends Nick & Nigel assure me is A Good Thing, & it’s an emminently affordable $298 at this site.

Then, of course, I discovered this:

Canada Goose Arctic-Tech Mystique Parka

The Canada Goose Arctic-Tech Mystique Parka. I thought it was a particularly naff name, until I read that it was inspired by the jacket made for Rebecca Romijn to wear off-camera during the filming of X-Men 2. As they point out, if the Mystique Parka can keep an actress wearing little more than blue body paint warm in Arctic shooting conditions, it’s capable of handling whatever the city can throw in anyone’s direction.

Unfortunately it’s a bit out of my price range (seeing as it is something I have to have rather than something beautiful I lust after) at $549 on the same site

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The fur-accented one is superb.


Oh how I understand your terrible delimma…I prefer going from indoor parking garage to indoor parking garage in order to avoid the cold. Bit more difficult in NY I suppose? Bisous,

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