Last week was so rabidly social that by the time the weekend rocked up all I wanted to do was stick my head back in my teapot.

I started off on Monday at The Spotted Pig, Manhattan’s only gastro-pub, for Fergus Henderson’s book launch. Beyond Nose & Tail is elegantly written, and the perfect size for slipping in a handbag and reading in-between times. Ken Friedman the owner was working the room, and April Bloomfield, the chef/partner cooked up a Minnesota suckling pig cooked whole with a tarragon sauce and goose fat roasted potatoes and beets.

Tuesday was The Waverly Inn, a restaurant so stealth that even though it’s been open for nigh on a year, the menus still say ‘Preview’, and there is no telephone number. Unless you are a friend of owner & Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter or an A list celeb that is, in which case you get the private number. The nearest London equivalent is The Ivy – except of course anyone can get a table there. CA & I troughed our way through the menu, flirted with the admirably gorgeous waiters who were charm personified and decided we must return – if we can magic up another table, that is.

Wednesday was back to The Pig for supper as this time Fergus himself was cooking, watching platters of roasted halved pig’s heads and duck hearts wend their way through the room.

Thursday was a dull store launch of no moment on the Upper East Side, followed by a dash through the vertical rain to Fredericks on Madison, an upscale dodgy Euro haven, for cocktails and supper (cauliflower soup with roasted mushrooms & fries) with BA & N, who were so wet when they arrived that they had to mop the floor after her.

Friday was blissfully quiet, bar a breakfast with Tamsin Lonsdale of The Supper Club at Gemma, and I rounded off the week on Saturday watching the rugby in the Meatpacking (which personally I loathe, but my friends all wanted to watch and, frankly, a room full of sexy, well-spoken Englishmen never goes astray). The evening was spent drinking frozen margaritas and stuffing as much freshy made guacamole & chips as poss at Dos Caminos in Soho with BA & lovely H, in NYC fleetingly to see his girlfriend.

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I like the Pig!


I’m hungry now!


haha!! i love tuesday best=p lol!

anyhow just to let you know- the interview is out actually.. yupp.. go take a look yer?


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