Giles is the hottest show ticket in London. He works out of the Rochelle Studios complex in Shoreditch and he shows there each season, hugely restricting the numbers of press that can attend. Which is why I find it depressing that space was made for on his front row for David Walliams, Margo Stilley, and Savannah Miller. Outside of the UK I doubt you will have heard of any of these people. For your edification they are: One fashion-irrelevant millionaire comedian with a fondness for arm candy, one MTA* notorious for a) having explicit real sex in a Michael Winterbottom film, & b)going to the opening of an envelope, and a young designer, famous for being the sister of an actress. Even more dispiriting is that the badly written LFW official daily email saw fit to mention these people as being newsworthy attendees. Is this really what LFW & the BFC* has come to?

*British Fashion Council

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Lucky as I was to get a ticket to the small broom closet venue – it was over heated and there is nothing worse than a collective fashion pack at the end of the day when they all stink of BO – and they say fashion is glam?

To top it all off the clothes weren’t up to his usual par (and there was more of a collective gasp at Agnes D jutting down the catwalk with electric Pumpkin coloured hair).


Apparently Bodyamr got bumped off the official schedule because they’re not ‘new’ anymore and they don’t attract celebs so the BFC kicked them off in favour of some other designers. It’s annoying but it’s not the BFC’s fault, it’s the public’s for liking these pesky celebs!

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