I spent last week shooting in Norfolk, on Holkham and Wells-next-the-Sea beaches. There’s no vehicular access to either beach, so we drove our rather large location van down a private lane on the Holkham estate to a point half a mile behind the sand dunes. Then my assistant & I set up our outdoor working area. This would have worked brilliantly, except every passer-by thought we were a jumble sale.

Why their tiny little brains would have thought we were doing this down a wooded country lane is beyond me…When we came back from the first shot our fabulous driver had made the following sign:

It was so cold & windy on the dunes that the crew kept nicking all our samples to keep warm:

This is a small proportion of the returns piled up in my assistant’s living room the evening we returned from shooting.

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Oh yes, the glamour! Feeling like a homeless refugee lugging laundry bags around in black cabs, that’s photo shoots to me.


Imagine stumbling on a high fashion yard sale in the middle of nowhere!


Hilarious! The one in the green parka jacket thingy still looks gorgeous though. I’ve shot in a Digibus…hmm not much room in the back is there? Much prefer Translux, always v exciting when they expand the bus to twice the width!


But the thing is… they are (nearly) all inbred in Norfolk you know?


that sounds like lots of fun!


ah yes: NFN or ‘normal for Norfolk’… I’m allowed to be rude: half my family live there!

And no, no room in the back of a digibus whatsoever, hence our al fresco set up…

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