I’m super bored with the slouchy bags of the last few seasons, and welcome the return of the box frame bag, which fits well with this winter’s more controlled look. I have my grandmother’s black crocodile frame bag in London, which is going off to be refurbished in time for the shows in September, and I picked this little number up a few weeks ago.

I’m not usually a huge fan of Lulu Guinness handbags, (although I’ve always secretly lusted over the black satin fan evening bag). But I did pop off to the Manhattan Lulu sample sale just before I went back to London to look for a birthday present for T, who dotes on her designs. Of course, I also found myself a piece for $100: this black suede and leather bag from her higher end Couture collection, (which normally retails somewhere around £500/$1000. Bargain.), was from last year’s ‘Surrealist eye’ story, (the clasp is a unique piece of jewellery designed by Lulu and made with a fabulous British jewellery maker, Simon Harrison, in London,) but it’s perfect to through to this winter. I’m afraid I actually bought two: one for my mother for her birthday too.

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Oh god yes, big bags are so…YAWN! Although I really need a big bag as I can’t go out without taking the entire contents of my house with me (you know, ‘just in case’…). I love the flat frame bags I keep seeing but they’re just not practical. On another note, Lulu’s shoes are fab for autumn-winter…


I love that eye!


Wow, that’s a great bag. Love the surrealist touch.


Bored of slouchy bags already?? I have to agree, I really think it’s about the hard wear such as the clasp on this bag. Even though I don’t see the box/stiffed frame bag together with the skinny jeans and 80’s look, which is so overdone (i’m sure you saw this at loolapolooza). But there is a bag for every look and eventually these frame bags will be the next “hodgepodge” in the NYT soon!


Oh it is FANTASTIC! And of course you’d buy two–a good bargain cannot be let past too easy. I always buy a second of a fantastic deal to give to my mom too. I often have birthday and Christmas presents *months* in advance.

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