The lack of well-designed cheapo clothes in Manhattan is starting to exercise me greatly. My wardrobe looks tired: my AW clothes have been worn & worn, and it’s too bloody cold to break out any acceptable SS pieces. When I want a quick fix here there’s literally nowhere to go. I’ve always relied on a mix of New Look/ToSho/Miss S etc, vintage and sample sale/private order designer to pull my look together. Sure, vintage here is particularly strong, esp in Williamsburg but I just don’t have time for half a day’s rootling. I’m still waiting for my SS private orders to arrive from London and the sample sales I’ve been to here so far are crapola. I tried Forever 21 yesterday but got scared & ran away. Think New Look on acid. 10 000 pieces of clothing rammed on rails, some so far above yr head that you get arm ache just reaching for them, and nearly everything in size twiglet and poly blends.

Banana Republic is all very well, but it’s not cheap enough and everything is taupe or navy. Zara – I’d rather save up to buy real Chanel. Proenza by Target? I don’t think so – the good pieces sold out within seconds. And the ubiquity of Hennes here means that everyone has the same few pieces. Dull dull dull. I want NEON, print and interesting. A couple of clever bargains is all I ask.

Unless someone comes up with a solution, I am going to acquire an expensive online shopping habit and a v gd relationship with Fedex.

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“New Look on acid” that just made my morning! hahah

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