London: My Mama’s Christmas Treat!

by Sasha Wilkins on December 18, 2014 · 9 comments

2014-12-08 15.27.25

I have come to the conclusion this year that, whilst things are always nice to receive, experiences are so much better. So I decided to plan Christmas treats for each of my parents: in exactly the same way as the treats we were taken on as children, but involving a lot more alcohol. Oh, and with me paying.

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Kenwood Chef mixer

A bumper post this morning: I’m talking about the Kenwood Chef Mixer, Instant Pot (the new wave of pressure cookers), Green Pans (eco-friendly non-stick pans and bakeware), and my beloved Magimix Nespresso Coffee Machine.

I was given the Kenwood Chef Mixer as a review model about eighteen months ago by Kenwood, who knew I was a fervent fan of their machines after this post, and this is the mixer that I used in the development of the recipes in my cookbook Friends, Food, Family. It still looks as good as new after over a year of almost daily battering.

It has a lovely deep 4.6 L bowl with splashguard and its 1400-watt power motor means it is never defeated. I’ve now wholly moved from mixing cakes in my Magimix to using the Kenwood and its K beater, because it can cope with large quantities. That’s why I also think its sensational for batch preparing brownie batter, (sure I can beat it with a wooden spoon, but when I am making four pans at a time this is the way forward), and it whisks together my Swiss meringue butter icing like a dream.

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regent's park london

There’s so much to do work-wise before I leave for Thailand that I’m afraid I rather abdicated this weekend, eschewing festive parties and the suchlike in favour of family, friends and dogs. On Saturday I extracted my sister, after quite some effort, from her flat to drive up to Crouch End for the North London Vintage Fair.

The appeal was two-fold: it was being held in Hornsey Town Hall, now empty and used, in the main, for shooting TV dramas like The Hour. It was Britain’s first Modernist building and the gorgeous curvilinear interiors are mostly still intact, so I didn’t want to miss an opportunity to check it out.

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Christmas Gift Guide: Beauty Kits

by Sasha Wilkins on December 15, 2014 · 1 comment

chanel ongles nails kit

Before I worked in the industry I always asked for beauty products at Christmas, in my stocking and under the tree. It was a good opportunity to stock up for the coming year and to maybe upgrade my drugstore buys to something a little more luxe. One of the things I think are nice to receive are beauty kits, either off the shelf, or put together.

Of course a nail kit doesn’t have to be Chanel, but goodness how lovely it would be to receive all these items together. I love their nail polish remover: it’s super effective and rapid, the hand cream sinks in quickly with no greasiness, and Pirate is a classic Chanel red. With a slick of Laque Brilliance Extrême, nails look super glossy and grown up.

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Christmas Gift Guide: Some things I like!

December 14, 2014 Gift Guides

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Home: The Grey Towel Revolution…

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(Yes, this is my bathroom.) Please tell me I am not the only one who manages, however throughly I clean my face morning and night, to still get smears of lipstick, or traces of panda makeup on my formerly pristine white towels? And let’s not even start with fake tan marks.

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Shooting for Boden at Grace & Thorn in London

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