Sasha wilkins dressing gown  

At the end of April I had an operation, and was in bed for nearly three weeks afterwards. Two days before I was due to go into hospital I realised that I possessed absolutely no dressing gowns or pyjamas. Some frantic internet searching later, and I discovered that both John Lewis and Marks & Spencer’s were the way forward. [click to continue…]


Port Eliot Festival 2014

by Sasha Wilkins on July 31, 2015 · 0 comments

port eliot festival 2014

Port Eliot in Cornwall is my absolute favourite-est festival. Last year I was invited down by my friends at Bumble + Bumble, who had a fantastic tent set up to give festival goers wonderful hairstyles throughout the weekend. Lovely Stephen Jones, milliner extraordinaire was also on site with Bumble and I was lucky enough to get a headpiece style by him, with a hair look to match. (The story is here.)

Wearing my Stephen Jones veil, very late at night.

port eliot festival 2014

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Household steamer

(My new dress from Moschino, via The Outnet, and beautifully de-creased by my new steamer.)

Can a steamer change your life? Obviously not, but it can make it a damn sight easier. I’ve used the pro versions of these for years on delicate fabrics and clothes that can’t be pressed on an ironing board: all good photographic studios have one for fashion shoots and when I worked at Ann Taylor in San Francisco many years ago all I was really allowed to do was get jiggy with the steamer in the stock room.

I’ve been eyeing up a small hand-held, dual-voltage steamer for trips for a while now – whoever decided to spread the urban myth that you can drop creases out of women’s clothes by turning on the shower and shutting the clothes is bonkers.

If you can even find somewhere to hang your clothes in the bathroom where they will get enough steam but won’t get wet from the shower good luck to you, and you’ll need to run that boiling hot shower full pelt for about an half an hour at the very least to get the creases out. If they ever do fall out, that is. Which is basically never, in my experience.

But a full size steamer? I live in a one-bedroom London apartment, with no utility closets and no under stairs cupboard so there’s nowhere to keep one out of sight. But when I recently unearthed several suitcases rammed full of my clean origami-ed jackets and coats from the attic at my mother’s house I started to think seriously about buying a one. Whilst I love my dry cleaners, who I’ve used for over fifteen years, I really didn’t want to unnecessarily subject clean clothes to an expensive and chemical battering.

I did the maths: a suit jacket or crumpled winter coat will cost around a tenner in London to dry clean. So I need to steam seven items meant for the dry cleaners, and then the steamer – at £66 – has paid for itself. I counted up: I had ten things in the urgent need of de-crumpling pile.

Reader, I bought the steamer.

And I bloody love it. As does my cleaner, who does some of my ironing, and whose voice now sinks an octave when she talks about the steamer. I swear I’ve seen her stroking it. It’s incredibly simple to assemble and to use. Just fill the tank up from the tap, put the item of clothing to be steamed over the integral hanger, turn the dial on the steamer, and wait for the head to start steaming. Then simply remove the head and attached hose from the stand and start steaming the piece of clothing – it’s just like hoovering a vertical carpet.

Kenly household steamer

It heats up in under a minute and when I am running late and need a silk dress or shirt de-creased it is far more effective than an iron in half the time – and with a more professional finish. I wouldn’t bother using it for work shirts or anything cotton as a general rule, although today it did a good job of getting out some light creases on a denim dress I’d worn once.

Kenley 1800W Professional Clothes Garment Steamer Iron Cleaner – with Hanger Clamp & Fabric Brush

Kenly household steamer

Do be careful with the steamer head tho – I dropped it earlier today and managed to scald my shin. Do not let children anywhere near it: steam burns are f*cking painful.

Heats up in just 30 seconds
Can be used on all fabrics including delicate and dry clean only
Removes creases and odours from fabrics without washing
Suitable for domestic and professional use


We need a new assistant at LLG!

by Sasha Wilkins on July 28, 2015 · 1 comment

I am very sad that the brilliant Remy is leaving my employ at the end of this week and, with her departure to the world of social media channel management, we are looking for a new assistant who will, ideally, start in September.

In the short-term I am looking for some paid temporary help -we don’t use interns here – to start as soon as possible from next Monday (03 August) onwards in my office during August, until we appoint a new long-term assistant in September. (As I presume most people will need a month’s notice to start work here. If you want to apply for the long-term position below, and can start sooner then September, please do make this clear!)


I am looking for someone to work for me part-time over the next month, – maybe a college student on vacation, helping with some of the admin tasks listed in the job description below. This position will mainly involve helping with the technical side of the launch of the new LLG site, and with admin in the run up to the launch of my book in the US in September.  Anyone with good digital and/or video editing skills would be highly welcome to apply.


I am looking for a part-time & self-employed all rounder to provide both editorial & PA support across all my company’s responsibilities (blog, digital media, book, shoots, events, consultancy, content creation, journalism). This is a paid position, based in central NW1, and the candidate will ideally be based in the immediate or surrounding area. There is scope for extra hours each week, and ultimately for this job to become a permanent full-time position.

Maybe you are someone with part time commitments elsewhere? Or a mother with children at school wanting to return to work, or someone looking for a first job who can fill in the extra hours elsewhere? The role is 20hrs a week ostensibly as 4hrs a day, 5 days a wk, but this will be flexible depending on my workload & your situation. i.e. maybe 8 hours one day, & none the next, and often will involve remote working, as I travel frequently.

The position is wide-ranging, (one day you could be helping me cook in a studio, the next walking Lettice the office dog, and helping bag up clothes for charity, and the next editing photos for the site or attending a fashion show) requiring a discreet, motivated, meticulous self-starter who is flexible and happy to speak up, contribute ideas, and to use their initiative. They will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement.

The PA tasks will cover, most importantly, managing the sometimes overwhelming office email inbox, as well as diary-keeping, office organisation, database input & management, and making appointments. It will also include basic expenses, errands, booking couriers, liaising with clients and making travel arrangements, as well as some personal tasks. (We have an office dog, so please be happy around small dogs.)

The editorial support will include basic photo editing, researching content & fact checking, calling-in for shoots, newsletter creation, basic PowerPoint slide creation, scanning, liaising with PRs, and regularly updating an EPK. External attendance at shoots, press days, London Fashion Week, and other events is sometimes required, although this is unlikely to be outside normal office hours, and is not guaranteed.  I create all content on LLG, so this is categorically not a writing role, bar caption creation.

The successful candidate must have a good understanding of blogs, Twitter, Facebook & other digital platforms including Instagram, YouTube & Pinterest.  However, I am not looking for a fashion blogger for this position. Video and photo editing skills would be highly prized.

This is paid, and not an intern or work experience position, and the candidate must have previous employment experience in a relevant field. Previous positions (and they can have been internships) in any of these fields would be particularly attractive: fashion, digital, publishing, PR, marketing, production.

The position is to start at the beginning of September. (Although this can be flexible for the right candidate.) I am most definitely an equal opportunities employer and welcome applications from every one. But I’m afraid the office is up a steep flight of stairs in a period building and there is no other access.)

Please email a covering letter and a full resume to the office at: contact [at] and be available for interview as soon as possible – ideally this week, or next.

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